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Action Isn’t Always the Best Course…

Adam O'Dell / January 14, 2020

My wife doesn’t sit and wait. She’s a take-action type of person. Read More

Your New Decade’s Resolution

John Del Vecchio / January 13, 2020

It’s a new year. And a new decade. You have to admit, that carries a lot more weight to it than simply turning the page on one more calendar year. Read More

Where to Find Retirement Income in 2020

Charles Sizemore / January 10, 2020

I mentioned earlier this week that the IRS threw us a few bones in 2020. For those of us saving for retirement, we can dump more into our 401(k) plans and IRAs. Read More

A Time of Historically High Returns

John Del Vecchio / January 9, 2020

It’s hard to believe that this year is the presidential election. I remember sitting up until 4 A.M. on November 9, 2016, watching the last presidential election unfold. Read More

A Super-Charged “Bull” ETF

Adam O'Dell / January 8, 2020

Last week I shared the first recommendation from my 20 Trade Ideas for 2020 and Beyond series. Read More

Focus on Things You Can Control

Charles Sizemore / January 7, 2020

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know by now that things are heating up with Iran. Read More

A Two-Pronged Approach to the Markets

John Del Vecchio / January 6, 2020

The new decade ushered in a massive volatility spike. Killing Major General Qassem Soleimani was enough to finally wake up the markets from its low volatility — now on the rise nearly daily. Read More

A More “Just” Market Fund

Adam O'Dell / January 3, 2020

Paul Tudor Jones is one of the most successful and wealthiest hedge fund managers of all time. Read More

Will Gold Shine in 2020?

Charles Sizemore / January 2, 2020

Since my beat is income, I don’t touch on gold very often. But we’re starting a new decade, so I’m giving gold a closer look. Read More