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How to Capture a Fat Stream of Dividends with CEFs

Charles Sizemore / April 22, 2019

Growing up in the Dallas suburbs, I wasn’t exposed to livestock the way rural Texans were. People invested far too much money manicuring their lawns to allow farm animals onto them — especially goats. Read More

How to be Prepared for the 2019 Earnings Season

John Del Vecchio / April 19, 2019

Recently, I’ve felt as if I’m stuck in a time loop, like the character in the movie Groundhog Day. Read More

Tee up to Profit with This Month’s Recommendation

John Del Vecchio / April 18, 2019

I joined a country club last year. Just typing that sentence makes me feel a bit “uppity,” like Judge Elihu Smails from the comedy classic Caddyshack. I’m not at all a “country club” kinda guy. Read More

Not Sure Which Way the Market Is Going? Here’s How to Play It…

Lee Lowell / April 17, 2019

Being an options professional, I've executed just about every option strategy that exists. As I stated before, most everyday investors only need to use (and understand) a handful of option trading methods. Read More

The Second Flaw with Wall Street’s Go-To Advice for Investors

Adam O'Dell / April 16, 2019

I recently introduced you to the first flaw of Wall Street’s buy-and-hold mantra; it’s enticingly believable. Read More

Three Ways to Stay Ahead of the Tax Man in 2019

Charles Sizemore / April 15, 2019

It’s Tax Day, everyone. And while it’s not exactly a holiday, it’s definitely a good excuse to pour a stiff drink. Read More

Retirement Doesn’t Look Good for Most Americans…

Charles Sizemore / April 12, 2019

As I commented on Monday, I’ve never heard of National Retirement Planning Week before, and I guarantee that 99% of Americans haven’t either. Read More

Two Important Roles Investing Plays in Your Retirement Plan

Lee Lowell / April 11, 2019

It's never too early or too late to start socking money away for your golden years. True, the earlier you start, the more compounding your money will enjoy. Read More

How to Make a Happy Retirement… Right Now!

John Del Vecchio / April 10, 2019

This is National Retirement Planning Week – conveniently wedged between National Beer Day (April 7) and National Tax Day (April 15). I’ve already done my taxes and filed my return for 2018. Read More