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Where to Focus in These Volatile Markets

John Del Vecchio / November 9, 2018

Last week, I talked about how “good value” means “reduced risk.” At the time, markets were pretty unsettled. Read More

Market Timing Is Impossible… Right?!

Adam O'Dell / November 8, 2018

“You can’t time the market.”  That’s what you’ve been told, right?! Like many bold claims… it’s only half true. Read More

Is Big Blue A Big Buy?

Lee Lowell / November 7, 2018

This past October, International Business Machines (IBM) set a record for itself. In one month it dropped the most in its history. Read More

Beat the Markets With This One Word

Adam O'Dell / November 6, 2018

While I was in Austin, Texas, for our sixth annual Irrational Economic Summit a couple of weeks ago, I sat down with Senior Research Analyst Dave Okenquist from Economy & Markets TV to talk a Read More

The Last Honest Intentions in Parliament

Charles Sizemore / November 5, 2018

Remember, remember the Fifth of November, The Gunpowder Treason and Plot, I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot. Read More

The Market Is The Noise – Ignore It

John Del Vecchio / November 2, 2018

Pffffffffffffft… That’s how I’d describe markets over the past month – a lot of sounds, as many furies, and, still, not much signaled… In other, real words, things have gone even more pre-verbal… I’ve often Read More

Your Antidote to the Recent Market Sell-Off

Lee Lowell / November 1, 2018

I can't say it enough – options contracts are your best friend, in good times and bad. It's been a brutal few weeks for the stock markets. Read More

The Third Flaw with Wall Street’s Go-To Advice

Adam O'Dell / October 31, 2018

We recently explored the first flaw and the second flaw with Wall Street’s buy-and-hold mantra. It’s enticingly believable… we’ve been told stocks go up in the long run. (The first flaw. Read More

A Taste of the Irrational Economic Summit

Charles Sizemore / October 30, 2018

And another Irrational Economics Summit draws to a close. We saw many familiar faces. Read More