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Beware the Caveman Mentality

Adam O'Dell / July 12, 2018

The investment industry is notoriously male dominated. Fewer than 15% of investment banks’ traders are women. Read More

Sorry (Not Really) – How We Profit from Dumb Option Buyers

Lee Lowell / July 11, 2018

Ever think about your probability of winning or losing on a trade before you enter it? I believe most people rely on gut instinct. Read More

Where there’s doubt, there’s opportunity

John Del Vecchio / July 10, 2018

Automation continues to be a market hot spot. Well, if the mountains of money getting thrown around are any indication, maybe solar flare is a better metaphor. Read More

The Most Millennial Thing Ever (Well, Almost)

Charles Sizemore / July 9, 2018

My sister-in-law, Malu, is the baby of the family. We love her to death, but she’s a walking stereotype of a millennial. Well, sort of. Read More

LaCrock of Shit

John Del Vecchio / July 6, 2018

Last week, National Beverage (Nasdaq: FIZZ) shocked the market by announcing it received a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) inquiry into a couple of “unique” financial metrics the company uses to measure sales performance. Read More

No Movement? No Problem!

Lee Lowell / July 5, 2018

As a stock trader, you need movement in order to make money, right? That’s about as elementary as the stock market gets. Read More

It’s All About Balance

Adam O'Dell / July 4, 2018

I have a lot of empathy for investors these days. Investors of all ilk are getting bounced around as the market wears on the convictions of both the bulls and the bears. Read More

Not Your Grandfather’s Robot Overlord

John Del Vecchio / July 3, 2018

Recently, I wrote about how automation is increasingly becoming a part of our lives. I’m ultimately bullish on automation in cars, not so much for my beer-drinking experience. Read More

Tiny Houses, Tiny Wallets

Charles Sizemore / July 2, 2018

My buddy Ari was a self-made millionaire by his early 30s. But he didn’t earn his nest egg the way you might expect. Read More