1,500 Points? That’s Nothing…

By David Dittman  |  October 12, 2018

President Trump is blaming the Fed, analysts quoted anonymously but en masse by the mainstream financial media cite the winds of trade war with China, and still other suggest it’s just markets being markets…

Me? I couldn’t put it past a short-selling mastermind like John Del Vecchio…

I joke, of course, because there’s no way any one guy – or any one reason, for that matter – is going to cause back-to-back 800- and 700-point declines for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

John does have his own way of approaching markets, honed over years of learning how to identify competitive advantages in numbers-driven environments .

He also doesn’t mess around much, a trait on display in this video, wherein he separates the good stuff from the typical “bullshit” encrusting most presentations about artificial intelligence.

A.I. is a big deal.

Consider this fact, one John surfaces: We’ve accumulated more “stored data” during the last decade alone than humanity had amassed from its very beginnings through about 2009.

And we haven’t even “gone parabolic” yet.

More than defining dimensions, John identifies “investment implications” from all this data-gathering. Among those poised to profit are two from his Hidden Profits portfolio.

It’s hard right now to separate from the mania of a two-day, 1,500-point swoon for a famous benchmark.

The wise will know to think in percentage terms, not absolutes, and that these types of corrections do indeed happen.

What we can do is “prepare.” So, let’s talk about A.I. for about four minutes…

It’s the first in a series of two-times-a-month “fireside chats” with John.

We look forward to hearing from you about this one and those to come as well. You can reach us at

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