A Small Cost for Huge Potential Gains

By Adam O'Dell  |  March 6, 2019

I think there are few things more important for investors than a proven, systematic strategy.

It’s something I preach through all of my services, whether it be Secrets of a 7 Figure Trader, or the more experienced service, 10X Profits.

And my friend and colleague John Del Vecchio has something new he’s been cooking up.

It’s called Small Cap All-Stars. It takes the proven strategy behind his successful Hidden Profits service and applies the method to the universe of small-cap stocks under $10 a share.

Now, I know this doesn’t sound too impressive… but some of these stocks hide the potential for explosive gains beneath the surface.

This is where John and his new service shine.

And due to an overwhelming number of people asking to get in, John’s decided to reopen the opportunity so that you can be on your way to profiting.

His system screens a list of stocks, all of which are under $10, and looks at a number of different momentum factors before diving deep into certain “fundamentals” of a selected company. And he runs this process two times a month to ensure that he’s always locked into the top stocks in that sector.

While we may differ in tactics, our systems both function on a specific, rigid set of rules that fuel our system, allowing us to maximize our gains. They’re both used to ignore all the “noise” of the markets.

Last Tuesday, February 26, John hosted a live event, which he called The $10 Trader: How to Build a Fortune of as Much as $523,000 With Some of the Market’s Cheapest Stocks. You can learn more about what he presented by clicking here.

Due to popular demand, he’s opened it back up. And tomorrow is the absolute last chance you’ll have to get in on the action.

So, be sure to check it out. As I said, this is the last time John’s offering the chance to get in and become a part of this unique system.

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