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By John Del Vecchio  |  October 10, 2019

This week, I’m recording just outside of Washington, D.C. The Irrational Economic Summit kicks off later today.

In keeping with the spirit of being in D.C., I’m going to talk about how a Supreme Court ruling last year created a big investment opportunity. During my presentation, I’ll be picking a stock that presents a 300%-500% upside.

I was thinking about past presentations, back to 2014 when Harry Dent first invited me to speak. At each one I set out to pick a stock that was poised to profit.

Some of my picks since then have proven their worth. Others, not so much.

But this year’s stock pick is by far the best opportunity I’ve come up with.

Harley Davidson (NYSE: HOG) was one of the first recommendations I made. Sticking to Harry’s niche for observing demographic trends, Harley Davidson was a model example. The company then had some of the worst demographics. Low-earnings quality lead to the stock’s plummet despite all-time highs in the market since 2014. This was a winner.

Then there was IBM (NYSE: IBM) and QVC (NYSE: QVCD). Both of these stocks paid well to short. Though IBM rebounded a bit in 2019, I still consider this a “Titanic company”; a sinking ship that management doesn’t know how to save.

Those who subscribe to Hidden Profits  might remember the QVC play.

That brings us to this past year’s pick, which has kicked me in the teeth. I go into it more in today’s video. Not every pick will be a winner. Sometimes, things just don’t roll in our favor, no matter how much research is done.

But this year I’m looking for redemption. The company I have my eyes set on has more upside than any previous company I’ve picked.

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Posted by The Rich Investor on Thursday, October 10, 2019

I’ll talk more about this company at this year’s Irrational Economic Summit. Be sure to check the schedule so you don’t miss out.

If you’re unable to attend, don’t sweat. The opportunity to access the livestream is open until noon. Once the clock strikes twelve, no one else will be able to access it.

I’ll also be sharing this pick in the October issue of Hidden Profits .

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