A Way To Diversify Your Strategies With Cannabis Paydays

By Adam O'Dell  |  July 29, 2019

Someone recently asked me, “Why should I sign up for your new Cannabis Paydays service if I’m already a paid-up member of Cycle 9 Alert?”

My immediate answer was: Because they’re unique services!

And that applies for just about any other service, for that matter…

Diverse Strategies

When it comes to Cycle 9 though, it’s a “go anywhere” strategy. Cannabis Paydays is specifically targeting stocks in the high-growth cannabis industry.

What’s more, we use options in Cycle 9. In Cannabis Paydays, I’m recommending ordinary stock share purchases since the typically low per-share prices and high volatility of most cannabis stocks gives us both a low barrier to entry and plenty of action.

But most importantly, your membership in multiple services is justifiable by the simple fact that there are many ways to make money in the markets, and it’s always a good idea to diversify your overall investment approach.

This year has been particularly interesting in that regard. Especially when you consider how both my Cycle 9 Alert and 10X Profits services are net profitable in 2019, even though they’ve taken much different paths.

Let me show you what I mean… maybe it will be clear why Cannabis Paydays is within my “bread-and-butter” approach to the markets, but also completely unique and deserving of your consideration.

Cycle 9 Goes Bearish

I think I surprised a lot of readers when I shared my Bear Market Action Plan at the start of the year considering the focus for Cycle 9 has been on bullish trades since 2012.

First and foremost, I’m a trend-follower. Even though everyone’s been worried about the underlying strength and stability of the economy and markets for years now, I’ve been a bull market “champion,” repeatedly telling readers to invest heavily on the long side, even if it doesn’t feel right!

So when that bullish trend came under serious threat late last year, I had no choice but to follow my investment “religion” and change with the trend.

Realize, I have no ego tied to a broad market outlook — bullish or bearish. I’m a pragmatic, opportunistic trader, so I’m willing to go wherever the money is.

Interestingly enough, the stock market is up strongly since I implemented my Bear Market Action Plan.

But what’s even more interesting is that of all the Cycle 9 trades I’ve recommended this year, my bearish recommendations have generated far more profits than my bullish ones.

I’ve made 11 recommendations total — six I consider “bullish” plays and five that were “bearish” positions.

Of those, the average gain on bullish positions so far has been 7.1%… not bad.

Though the average gain on bearish positions clocks in at 41.8% — more than five times greater!

Pretty interesting, right? Our bearish plays have done better, even though the broader market has climbed higher.

Of course, I should note that I’ve more recently shifted Cycle 9 Alert back into “bull mode,” and we now have four bullish positions open, which I expect to accrue additional profits. (We haven’t been in them for very long.)

But The Point I’m Trying To Make Here Is This…

With my long-and-short, “go anywhere” Cycle 9 Alert strategy, we can make money in a variety of ways, regardless what the broader stock market, or any one sector or industry, is doing.

And, at the same time, we can also make money with other approaches — as I expect we will with Cannabis Paydays ahead, and as we have been this year already in 10X Profits…

10X Profits Rides The Bull Trend

 As I mentioned, 10X Profits has taken a completely different path to profits compared to Cycle 9 Alert this year.

In short, my systematic market-timing model had us in a bearish position coming into the year. But as the underlying characteristics of the market’s strength began to change, it quickly issued a “switch” trade and prompted me to tell readers to switch into a bullish position.

We got into that bullish position at the open on January 15… and we haven’t made another trade since, as we’re nicely synced with the market’s trend, and as such are holding a 43% open profit on our current position.

Really, we just made that one trade in mid-January and have since ridden the bull run higher…

That’s a completely different approach than we took in Cycle 9 Alert, but we’re making money nonetheless. And isn’t that the main thing that matters after all?

Cannabis Paydays

 Cannabis Paydays takes a similar approach.

The systematic strategy I designed is built on the principles of trend-following, momentum, and what traders call “trade management,” or risk management.

These are the same principles and strategy approaches I use in my 10X Profits and Cycle 9 Alert services. And there’s comfort in that. I’m not just “winging it” with some new, untested approach I know little about.

The difference of course is where I’m applying my bread-and-butter, trend-and-momentum approach.

As I see it, there’s just too much profit potential in the high-growth cannabis industry to overlook or dismiss it. And even though I’m no expert on cannabis, I’m confident that I can use my systematic approach to find great plays in the space.

That’s why I developed the service in the first place. And why I think you should have a serious look before making any assumptions.

I’m betting you’ll be able to see how there’s a lot more to this opportunity than first meets the eye… and I know my trend-and-momentum approach will give us a confident approach to this much-talked-about growth market.

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