All It Takes Is $10

By Adam O'Dell  |  March 1, 2019

If there’s anything you should know about me by now, it’s that I’m all about getting the “meat” of the move.

As an active investor, that’s the aim of each trade… get in when the getting is good and get out before it goes south.

It’s why I swear by my market-timing strategy, which analyzes the markets for trend so that I can make the most of each opportunity.

So, when John Del Vecchio started to tell me about Small Cap All-Stars, it made sense… After all, John’s a forensic accountant. He investigates company earnings and finances to determine the relative “health” of a potential investment.

Of course, the past few years — and this year especially — has dragged us all along for a wild ride. That’s why twice a month John reruns his process to ensure he always has the top stocks for Small Cap All-Stars. All of which are under $10 a share.

John’s idea behind the service is to ignore all the “noise” in the markets and the one-hit wonders. His system eliminates about 99% of stocks that simply don’t attract buying pressure. And others that happen to be eliminated from his range just don’t have the kind of financial trust he looks for.

It’s a strict, selective process that weeds out the junkers. And by rotating seven stocks, at most, that are worthy of your money, you’ll profit from areas of the market where so many investors lose money time and again.

And you can learn more about The $10 Trader: How to Build a Fortune of as Much as $523,000 With Some of the Market’s Cheapest Stocks by clicking here.

Just think about the potential gains made from this opportunity…

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Adam O'Dell

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