Why You Should Ignore the Big Banks (And Do This Instead…)

By Adam O'Dell.  |  March 21, 2019

For the life of me, I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would follow the advice of a big-bank analyst quoted in the daily financial news. Read More

How to Tell If an Option Contract Is Cheap Enough to Buy

By Lee Lowell.  |  March 20, 2019

I try to show readers that the options market, when approached correctly, is far more profitable and less scary/risky than they have been led to believe. Read More

Options Trading: Speculation or Income Producing?

By Lee Lowell.  |  March 13, 2019

Many of the individuals I speak with about options trading will typically tell me that they use them for one reason: speculating on a big stock move. Read More

The Real Deal with Covered Calls

By Lee Lowell.  |  March 8, 2019

Many friends ask me questions about options trading. Often, I answer with a question: “Are you selling covered calls against long shares you own?” Most of them say no. Read More

Stocks Too Volatile for You? Here’s Why I Like It…

By Lee Lowell.  |  January 31, 2019

Trading options has been my go-to strategy for the last 27 years. Read More

The Most Versatile Trading Vehicle Ever?

By Lee Lowell.  |  January 23, 2019

What do you think these terms have in common? Condors… Iron butterflies… Christmas trees… Ratios… Fences… Collars… Diagonals… Calendars… Conversions… Reversals… Backspreads… Straddles… And strangles. Read More

The “Lazy Trader” Way

By Adam O'Dell.  |  January 22, 2019

Last week in The Rich Investor, Lee Lowell shared a few of his favorite options techniques… ways to earn more cash in 2019, and one of them is by “piggybacking” off of Warren Buffett’s stock Read More

Getting Paid to Buy Buffett?

By Lee Lowell.  |  January 17, 2019

In Tuesday's The Rich Investor, I once again spoke about the merits of put-option selling, and how you could use it to receive immediate cash in exchange for your agreement to buy a stock of Read More

Your 2019 Best Option Trading Strategy #3

By Lee Lowell.  |  December 28, 2018

Welcome to the third installment of the best option-trading strategies for 2019. So far, we've discussed two option-selling strategies: selling covered call options and selling option credit spreads. Read More

Your Your 2019 Best Option-Selling Strategy #2

By Lee Lowell.  |  December 26, 2018

Welcome to the second installment of the best option trading strategies for 2019. Read More