The Third Flaw with Wall Street’s Go-To Advice

StocksBy Adam O'Dell.  |  June 27, 2018

We recently explored the first flaw and the second flaw with Wall Street’s buy-and-hold mantra. It’s enticingly believable, since we’ve been told “stocks go up in the long run.” (The first flaw. Read More

Still Buying Stocks? Try This Instead

StocksBy Lee Lowell.  |  June 21, 2018

Last week we talked about buying call-option contracts as a substitute for buying stocks. You might recall a throw-away line about how call options can quadruple your returns when compared to buying a stock outright. Read More

The First Flaw with Wall Street’s Go-To Advice

StocksBy Adam O'Dell.  |  June 6, 2018

As I see it, there are three main flaws with Wall Street’s buy-and-hold mantra: It’s enticingly believable, It’s highly dependent on luck (but no one will tell you that), and In reality, 99% of investors can’t follow Read More

Stocks Going Down? No Problem!

StocksBy Lee Lowell.  |  May 25, 2018

Over the past few articles, I’ve talked about how to collect instant income, especially as it concerns the stock market. Read More

The Calculator Is Mightier Than the Pen

StocksBy Lee Lowell.  |  May 16, 2018

Last week we discussed a hypothetical trade involving Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN). Read More

How to Hedge Your Stock Portfolio

StocksBy Adam O'Dell.  |  May 7, 2018

Stocks are having a difficult time making new highs. Read More