The Rotting Apple

By John Del Vecchio.  |  January 9, 2019

I kicked off the New Year by writing a report about the top “clunkers” of 2019. These are the stocks and companies you’d do well to avoid. Read More

Peak Amazon

By Adam O'Dell.  |  February 1, 2018

The stock is up 2,170% since the March 2009 bottom. You could have turned $100,000 into more than $2.2 million. But did you? I’m not trying to be rude, in asking that – just frank. Read More

Falling In (and Out of) Love with the FAANGs?

By Adam O'Dell.  |  January 8, 2019

Let’s skip the small talk today. Read More

How to Survive the Zombie Stockpocalypse

By John Del Vecchio.  |  January 4, 2019

I don’t watch a lot of television. But my two favorite episodes of any show I’ve ever seen have one thing in common: They feature Anthony Bourdain. You probably know of Bourdain. Read More

Blue Christmas, Begone!

By John Del Vecchio.  |  December 11, 2018

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying the celebrations so far and best wishes for continuing joy. As for me, I can’t shake this feeling… I’ve been cautious with the markets recently. But I think I’ve found the cure. Read More

Why Buying Value Stocks Is a Good Bet

By Charles Sizemore.  |  November 30, 2018

Well, I can say this about 2018: It’s been interesting! Just two days ago, the Dow shot up over 600 points, making it one of the best single-day performances in years. Read More

The Human Misery of Black Friday (And What to Watch in Retail Instead)

By Charles Sizemore.  |  November 23, 2018

I like saving money. A lot. In fact, I’m a cheapskate and actually take pride in my stinginess. But you won’t see me fighting the crowds today on Black Friday. Not going to happen. Read More

Rental Income from Stocks? Here’s the Scoop…

By Lee Lowell.  |  November 16, 2018

I hope those shares of stock sitting in your account are doing more than just sitting. Sure, they may have gone up in price, giving you capital appreciation. Or, they may not have. Read More

Bet on the future of gambling

By John Del Vecchio.  |  September 21, 2018

“Show me the money!” That’s the most recognizable quote from the movie Jerry McGuire, and it’s as good a phrase as any to sum up the business of professional football over the past couple of Read More

Taking Advantage of Hurricane Season

By Adam O'Dell.  |  September 19, 2018

I spent a lot of money last hurricane season. Read More