Debunking One Myth About Options

By Adam O'Dell  |  December 18, 2018

I’m sure you’ve heard someone tell you that options trading is complicated.

It might have been a friend a novice, go-it-alone investor, or maybe even a Wall Street professional.

But the truth is, option trading is not difficult.

Sure, some of the jargon professionals use sounds like psychobabble. And there are some complex ways to use options (if you want to get into some really geeky stuff).

And the cynic in me thinks the professionals intentionally created the myth that options trading is too complicated for the Average Joe – they want to keep this money-making secret to themselves!

But don’t be fooled my friend! Trading options can be as simple as “buying low,” today, then “selling high” a few months later.

When it comes to the style of options trading I’ve chosen to implement for my Cycle 9 Alert service… it really couldn’t be simpler or easier to follow.

And in the video below, I’ll debunk the myth that options trading is too complicated for novice, go-it-alone investors like you…

Adam O'Dell

As Chief Investment Strategist for Dent Research, Adam O’Dell has one purpose in mind: to find and bring to subscribers investment opportunities that return the maximum profit with minimum risk. He achieves this with his perfect blend of technical and fundamental analysis. Tactically, he does extensive back-testing and probability-based research. It’s the ultimate partner to the exhaustive research that Dent Research co-founders Harry Dent and Rodney Johnson do in the exciting realm of the new science of investing.

Adam is also the executive editor of our hugely successful trading services, Seven-Figure Trader, Cycle 9 Alert and 10X Profits.

He has worked as a Prop Trader for a spot Forex firm. While there, he learned the fundamentals of trading in the world’s largest market. He excelled at trading the volatile currency markets by seeking out low-risk entry points for trades with high-profit potential.

Aiming to find the best opportunities across all asset classes, Adam expanded into the commodities, equities and futures markets. An MBA graduate and Affiliate Member of the Market Technicians Association, Adam is a lifelong student of the markets. MORE FROM AUTHOR