Earn Fistfuls of Money Regardless of the Market

By Adam O'Dell  |  November 19, 2019

I don’t get irritated easily. But when I hear someone say, “Yeah, but we’ve been in a bull market…”

Well, you better hold me back!

It’s usually uttered by someone who’s jealous of someone else’s profits.

Perhaps profits that were made on the “long” side of the market. Though perhaps not.

Sometimes the jealous fool doesn’t even understand how you made your profits. He’s just sore he isn’t making big profits…

So, he attempts to somehow diminish the validity of your big profits — saying, “Yeah, but we’ve been in a bull market…”

As if that means making big profits is somehow easy…

Forget About the Bull Market

I’ve been running Cycle 9 Alert since 2012.

We’ve been in a bull market since 2012, but Cycle 9 is not a bull market strategy. It’s a trend and momentum strategy…

Which means it “goes” where the trends are, where the momentum is, long or short, into stocks, and stock ETFs, of course…

It also “goes” into other asset classes — such as bonds, commodities and currencies — which are now easily accessible to the average retail investor through ETFs.

And today, I’ll be sharing with you in my free, online event just exactly how profitable Cycle 9 Alert can be by landing those Sweet Spot Profits. All you have to do is click here to see the re-broadcast.

Last year, using trend and momentum, we made an 80% profit shorting a utilities sector ETF…

We also made a 69% profit on a bullish oil play…

And an 86% profit on a bullish U.S. Treasury bond trade…

This year, we’ve locked in a 184% profit on a short health care position, and made nice money on a long gold play

So, can “Jealous Joe” really say, “Yeah, but we’ve been in a bull market…” to those handsome profits?

Yes, it’s true that the bull market has been a great opportunity. And we’ve certainly “made hay while the sun’s been shining,” so to speak.

We’ve captured lucrative profits on dozens of “long stock” trades — from 113% on a silver miner to 430% on a grocery distributor!

But still, you’ll start a fight with me if you suggest these opportunities were somehow “easy” to find, invest into, and stick with.

First, realize there’s absolutely nothing wrong with making fistfuls of money during a bull market. That’s what you’re supposed to do!

Anyone who grumbles at your success with, “Yeah, but we’ve been in a bull market,” is almost guaranteed to be someone who missed out… someone who was just too scared to be in the bull market, and is now jealous and hating on you.

A systematic strategy like Cycle 9 Alert truly shines because it can help you get invested in a bull market and stay invested in a bull market, even when you don’t know when that bull market will end, which you’ll learn more about in today’s presentation Profit Sweet Spot.

That’s a great thing!

What’s more, my Cycle 9 Alert system doesn’t depend on a bull market to make money.

The Power of Trend and Momentum

Again, it’s a trend and momentum strategy… not a “bull market” strategy.

In 2013 — a “raging bull” year — we made an 82% profit betting against a copper miner’s stock.

In 2014, we made a 54% profit shorting a Chinese tech company, which is now no longer trading.

You see, despite its length, there have been “soft spots” in the market’s climb. Before the most recent soft spot was the one that spanned late-2014 to early-2016.

Sure, we were in the middle of a bull market. But the S&P 500 lost more than 10% between September 2014 and February 2016. And it felt like the bull market was ending.

That’s no easy bull market, if you ask me.

Yet, my Cycle 9 Alert system adapted just fine, finding a number of profitable alternative market plays, including…

A 108% profit on a municipal bond ETF…

And a 316% profit on a “stock insurance” hedge play…

Those were in addition to the short stock plays I recommended.

The bottom line is… yes, my Cycle 9’ers have made money hand over fist in this bull market.

But not because of the bull market.

My system goes long and short. It works on stocks and bonds, commodities and currencies…

And with our rather short holding period of just two to three months, it’s more than nimble enough to adapt to changing market conditions.

Click here to learn more about my system for free during the re-broadcast of my special presentation, Profit Sweet Spot.

That’s why we haven’t had a single down year yet…

And why I’m confident 2020 will be just as lucrative — “bull market” or not.

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