Making Money in Real Estate Without Owning Property

By Dent Research

You might have seen him on CNBC, Bloomberg TV or Fox Business News talking about reliable and innovative ways to generate retirement income.

Today, go-to retirement expert, Charles Sizemore is passionately endorsing an investment strategy regular Americans have been profiting from since the 60s.

In fact, even Kiplinger touts this as is a strategy that can “provide a steady stream of retirement income that could last a lifetime.”

“Through the years, depending on the size of their initial investment, investors have been able to collect $71… $1,065… or even, in more extraordinary instances, $9,096 in passive mailbox money every month,” Sizemore explains.

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He’s talking about making money in the real estate market, but not in the ways you’re used to hearing about in those cheesy infomercials or radio ads.

Sizemore is adamant this has nothing to do with flipping old houses, renting your home on Airbnb or Craigslist… or even owning a single piece of property.

“Whenever anyone asks me about buying physical real estate as an investment, I’m always upfront about how downright hard it is,” says Sizemore.

“Real estate gurus love the idea of ‘passive mailbox money,’ but this often involves collecting cash from rental properties, where you have to deal with the hassle of tenants, repairs and other maintenance.”

He calls the investment strategy that’s even drawn praise from Forbes as one that’s “better than buying real estate,” being a Virtual Landlord.

“Right now, one in three Americans pay rent and there are over 1,100 property managers legally obligated to pay investors a portion of the rent they collect from those tenants,” he says.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

Sizemore is referencing a little-known caveat in a nearly 60-year old law, that’s opened up new opportunities investors seeking passive income.

“And today, as you could probably believe, the explosion of the internet has made it even easier for investors to access these great opportunities.”

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