My First Book – A Labor of Love

By Adam O'Dell  |  January 29, 2019

I wrote about being a “lazy trader” last week.

But don’t let me give you the wrong impression…

I’ve worked my tail off to get where I am today!

Four years of undergrad for biology and chemistry. Not easy. Math-heavy majors.

One year of medical school, and 80-hour work weeks, which I was willing to endure. But the profession just wasn’t for me.

Two years on my Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Tons of “textbook” business lessons.

Two years on the Market Technician Association’s Chartered Market Technician curriculum. Around 30 thick books and three progressively more-difficult exams. Passed them all on my first try.

A handful of FINRA licenses – Series 7, 24, 66, and 30. Lots of reading. More exams. Continuing education requirements.

Tons of self-directed learning.

I read books… white papers off the SSRN… trade publications… big-bank research reports…

Anything that might give me an edge.

I’m truly a student of the markets.

But Now I’m Writing the Book…

I never thought I’d write a book.

But after spending much of last year compiling and organizing everything I’ve learned in my career, the book just sort of wrote itself.

It’s called 27 Stock Secrets of Rich Investors.

I really hope you’ll enjoy it.

I know hundreds of folks have already found a lot of value in the material I’ve put together, which we first delivered in video format (which you can still access once you buy the book).

People have written me to say things like…

“Thank you for being rock-solid, humble and real in your communications and approach to trading and investing.”


“You’ve made a huge impact on my mindset.”


“I appreciate the fact that you share your knowledge with us, even though you likely don’t have to do this work.”

Come to think of it, that last comment brings up a good point…

I don’t have to do this work. That is, the work of an educator and newsletter writer.

I could certainly be the “lazy trader” I first dreamt of becoming over a decade ago when I started voraciously reading everything I could find about trading and investing.

But the truth is… that’s just not fulfilling enough for me. I truly enjoy sharing what I’ve learned about the markets with folks like you.

And frankly, I think I’m a better trader for it.

I feel an added layer of responsibility for the lessons and investment ideas I share with you guys – whether it be through my seven-years running Cycle 9 Alert options service, my 10X Profits program, or my newest venture: Secrets of a Seven-Figure Trader.

My goal is to give you the same advice I’d give my own grandmother…

To earn your trust…

And to foster a meaningful and loyal relationship with you.

I think my new book is a great way to get our relationship started off on a good foot.

It’s truly the culmination of everything I’ve learned about investing over the past two decades.

It’s a raw look into how I see the markets… and the specific, time-tested strategies I routinely implement.

I don’t claim to have “invented” much of what you’ll read in 27 Stock Secrets of Rich Investors.

Remember, I consider myself a lifelong student of the markets.

I’ve learned so many valuable lessons from others. I’m happy to “stand on the shoulders of giants,” as they say.

And I’m more than happy – no, THRILLED – to have the opportunity to pass it on to you!

I still think there’s a lot to be said about the “lazy trader” lifestyle. And if that’s your goal – it’s a great one. I’m certainly not above knocking off on a Friday afternoon and hitting the beach!

Though I’ve certainly put in a ton of work to get to this point.

It’s all been a labor of love, of course.

As was the writing of my new book, 27 Stock Secrets of Rich Investors, which I sincerely hope you’ll grab today!

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