My New Book Reveals Two “Secrets” to Success

By Adam O'Dell  |  February 4, 2019

I’m stoked about the release of my first eBook – 27 Stock Secrets of Rich Investors.

But frankly, I’m also a little hesitant to show it to my parents.

Some of the “secrets” I share are family secrets.

I wrote about my mom’s heavy-handed parenting style…

I poked fun at my dad for the wacky logic he used once to justify a real estate investment…

I even made a case that my parents’ investment success was “pure luck.”


Of course, I didn’t divulge these “family secrets” for no good reason.

I shared them because there’s a lesson to be learned from each one.

These are lessons I’ve learned on my own path to becoming a successful investor.

And ultimately, the lessons I was eager to share with you, as I sat down to write 27 Stock Secrets of Rich Investors.

You Only Need Two Things to be a Successful Investor…

Investing is a numbers game.

There’s no getting around that. And unfortunately, that’s what puts a lot of everyday investors at a major disadvantage from day one.

Wall Street can kill you at the numbers game, I promise!

I happen to be a numbers guy.

So, I feel quite at home when I’m slicing and dicing the market with my algorithms, spreadsheets, and options platform.

I also love picking apart math-heavy research papers… and geeking out on findings about the risk-adjusted return distributions of negative-skew portfolios, relative to positive-skew portfolios…



That’s the problem most folks encounter when they enter the investment world. It’s a math-heavy numbers game. And you, my friend, are out-gunned!

But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for you. (And don’t worry, none of that math-heavy stuff is in my new book).

In 27 Stock Secrets of Rich Investors, I’ve made the case that you only need two things to be a successful investor.

The first thing is a simple, proven, systematic strategy.

Remember, investing is a numbers game. You won’t get very far if you don’t find a way to put the numbers on your side!

But that doesn’t mean you have to invent a strategy, nor produce the mathematical proof of its effectiveness.

There are a small handful of investment strategies that have already been proven to work.

All you need to do is learn these strategies… and then implement them! (Don’t overthink this.)

That was my first goal for 27 Stock Secrets of Rich Investors…

To show you the simple systematic strategies I use…

Strategies that are well-supported by both academic research and practitioner results…

Strategies that have formed the underpinnings of my long-running and highly successful trading services – Cycle 9 Alert and 10X Profits.

Folks, real “regular” people have been following my simple systematic strategies for years.

If they can do it…

You Can Do It, Too!

I’m a firm believer that anyone can become a successful investor.

But your success will, ironically, depend on more than just “the numbers.”

Once you’ve learned the simple strategies I teach you in 27 Stock Secrets of Rich Investors… the second thing you’ll need to become a successful investor is discipline.

I’m not talking about a militant, wake-up-at-4am type of discipline.

I’m talking about the discipline it takes to stick with an investment strategy through its inevitable ups and downs.

If you neglect the human element of investing, you’ll unfortunately never achieve the results you want – no matter how good your strategy is!

That’s why I divulged so many “secrets” — including family secrets — in my book.

Some of these secrets have little to do with the hard numbers of finance, and more to do with the information, wisdom and tools I think you’ll need to become a psychologically strong, disciplined investor.

I shared my experience with my mom’s heavy-handed parenting style because it made a meaningful impact on how I make decisions.

That, and a lesson I learned from a study of hungry judges, is what led me to finding lasting success as a systematic investor.

I wrote about the error I found in my dad’s logic, as he once tried to justify a real estate investment to me, because it’s an error almost all investors make! Even smart folks, like my dad.

I was able to “fix” my dad’s thinking on that matter. And I thought you could learn a lot by hearing how our conversation played out.

The bottom-line is: Investing is both a numbers game and a game of psychology.

You need to master both to achieve true, lasting success.

And that’s what my new book, 27 Stock Secrets of Rich Investors, is all about.

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