The 2020 Election Will Make or Break America

By John Del Vecchio  |  August 6, 2019

I’m not a fan of Donald Trump. Nor do I dislike the president, though.

He’s a polarizing figure, for sure. Seems I’m the rare person who doesn’t seem affected by him one way or the other. That’s certainly not the case among my family and friends!

That said, I’m voting for the Donald in 2020.

My mind is made up. I will not waver from my decision.


Well, I saw enough of the two Democratic debates to know that any one of those clowns becoming president would represent another ruinous step for our country. Forget the economy; the entire republic is at risk.

None of the candidates inspire me to buy any of what they promise. Most of it is pie-in-the-sky stuff that won’t happen anytime soon, not in the current political environment.

Beside the sheer impracticality of it all, it’s nothing but freebies, giveaways, and handouts.

I do support a living wage. Heath care should be affordable for working people. And getting an education shouldn’t subject to you to 40 years of indentured servitude.

But just giving all those things away won’t solve the problems we face. In fact, doing so might exacerbate them…

It’s totally nuts, just like the system that reduces our choices to two, one absurd, the other ridiculous.

And In The Left Corner…

I found the second debate particularly interesting.

These Democrats nearly tripped over themselves trying to throw Barack Obama under the bus. Whether you agree with his politics or not, Obama is still a popular figure around the world.

That they don’t comprehend that simple fact is enough to question their overall political sense… and, thus, their ability to navigate what will be the most treacherous race, against incumbent Trump.

Kamala Harris was exposed as the fraud she is by Tulsi Gabbard. Gabbard, a military veteran who represents Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district, called Harris out for being a hypocrite on marijuana. More importantly, Gabbard noted that Harris withheld evidence that would have exonerated a person on death row. Harris never directly responded to these facts.

How can she? For anyone whose priority is liberty, Harris should be disqualified based on this incident alone.

Gabbard is impressive, though she won’t win. She, too, dropped some nutty comments; I, for one, am certain, though Tulsi’s apparently not, that Donald Trump does not support al-Qaida.

I’m certain along with Donald Trump on another thing: Joe Biden is sleepy. You need to be a sharp 70-year-old if you’re going to run for the presidency of the United States of America. You can’t talk gibberish on the debate stage. And you can’t stammer for an answer to the world’s problems on live TV.

That only shows you can be eaten up by other world leaders.

As for Bill de Blasio, it’s time he goes back to being the worst mayor in New York City’s colorful, boisterous, often corrupt history.


Of course, the way it works in these hyper-polarized times, if you don’t agree with these folks and their followers, you’re a “racist.” That word was tossed around a lot.

It’s all a matter of timing, I guess. Elijah Cummings, for example, said 20 years ago on C-SPAN that his congressional district was “drug infested.” I was in Baltimore last week; it may be “Charm City,” but it’s certainly not a shining example up on a hill.

I observed plenty of people wandering around with looks in their eyes that told me they weren’t headed to work, school, or anything else productive.

And yet Donald Trump is the racist.

This slate also seems to be uniformly anti-police. That scares me.

What Does Any Of This Have To Do With Being Rich?

The way I see it, if a Democrat is elected in November 2020, your chances of getting and staying rich will be greatly reduced. And the economy will implode under the pressure of all these freebies they’re using to buy votes.

The type of spending their endless programs contemplate is not sustainable. We’re already on an unsustainable path.

Of course, we’re all well aware by now that we’re staring at a $1 trillion budget deficit. But did you know that there’s more than $150 billion in fraudulent and/or erroneous payments by the government on an annual basis?

It’s a small problem, sure, relatively speaking. But it can be tackled. And if you tackle enough “small” problems, it starts to add up. We can reduce the deficit this way. We can eliminate our debt this way.

Everybody’s talking about big, “pie-in-the-sky” stuff. Nobody wants to talk about the simple shit.

Instead, they want to demonize racists. I get it. We do have a problem. But “the Man” is not going to solve it.

Let’s adjust our expectations; let’s focus on what government can, at least theoretically, solve.

How The Rich Investor Will (Still) Help You Get Richer…

Meanwhile, now probably more than ever, we need strategies to generate income. It’s necessary to offset the trillions of dollars in lost savings… well “stolen” savings is a better descriptor, given the Federal Reserve’s jealous adherence to artificially low interest rates.

Sure, President Trump has called for lower rates. He’s just trying to juice the stock market.

Imagine a Democrat’s early morning tweetstorms… there won’t be enough dry powder for the Fed and all its global allies to combat the subsequent economic collapse.

Rising uncertainty is one reason I’ve revamped the strategy behind Hidden Profits.

Higher income, higher returns: I explain it all in the August issue…

John Del Vecchio

John Del Vecchio is the author of the bestselling book, Rule of 72: Compound Your Money and Uncover Hidden Stock Profits and What’s Behind The Numbers: A Guide To Exposing Financial Chicanery And Avoiding Huge Losses In Your Portfolio.

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