The Lucrative World of “Cheap” Stocks

By John Del Vecchio  |  March 4, 2019

Last Tuesday, I showed you how to build something out of next to nothing during my live event, The $10 Trader: How to Build a Fortune of as Much as $523,200 With Some of the Market’s Cheapest Stocks

Today, I’d like to follow up by sharing an interview I did with Dave Okenquist, our resident host of Economy & Markets TV.

We talked about how I got into investing, my experiences on Wall Street, and, most importantly, how creating million-dollar trading algorithms was the key to legally “hacking” an under-covered world where stocks trade below $10 a share…

It’s only a few minutes long, and it’s just a preview of the kind of systematic thinking that leads to consistent, triple-digit winners.

Click here to get the whole story.

It’s the kind of information Wall Street firms line up to get… In fact, there’s about $800 million in assets under management by folks who use strategies based on my research.

As I noted last week, that $800 million could probably be a lot more – in aggregate and for me personally. But I don’t want to get in bed with some behemoths and their lawyers.

I’d rather focus on sharing new strategies I’ve developed from my proprietary software with you… and I have one that works…

Our special charter offer closes tomorrow, March 5, so be sure to jump on the train before it leaves the station…

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