Triple Your Retirement Fund with the “1201(k)” Plan

By Charles Sizemore  |  August 15, 2019

You can be forgiven for getting nervous about your investments over the past week. Despite the fact that stock markets are nowhere near correction territory, volatility like we’ve seeing in recent days is a legitimate cause for concern.

That’s especially true when you couple the wild swings in stocks with bond markets flashing warning signs of recession.

From the standpoint of financial planning, we’re really in uncharted territory at the moment. And don’t let them fool you; no financial planner in business today is ready for this.

The current market conditions are unlike anything that has ever happened in the history of markets. Nobody really knows what to do. There’s no financial planner that really has a playbook for this.

When it comes to your retirement, a typical 401(k) plan is not designed to weather this kind of storm and provide you with decent returns.

As I wrote yesterday, it’s because financial planners are stuck with a rigid model that’s going to put you into bonds if you are old, and into stocks when you are young.

There is a better way, which could help you earn triple the yield of a typical 401(k) plan. And it’s what I like to call the “1201(k)” plan. With this, you can get ahead of the curve while others are stuck with models that don’t consider expected returns.

We’re getting there first.

Today, I spoke with out Senior Research Analyst, Dave Okenquist, to talk about the 1201(k) plan. Check out the video here:

And click here to learn more about the 1201(k) plan.

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