Turn $1,000 Into $3.5 Million While Ignoring the News Cycle

By The Rich Investor  |  August 2, 2019

It’s Shannon here. Like you, I study the market looking for those untapped, but fast-growing opportunities. When I saw Adam use the Cannabis Profit Code to predict incredible returns of 856% average profits and 462,063% cumulative returns — I was blown away!

But with all the negative press about cannabis lately… I’m concerned, to say the least.

Here’s The Quick Rundown on Cannabis…

CannTrust, one of Canada’s largest medical marijuana suppliers, was busted with tons of unlicensed cannabis. And then new leaked emails showed that the company’s top managers knew about it. What’s worse, they intentionally tried to conceal their “backroom” operations. This seemed to put cannabis stocks in a tailspin last week when the email scandal broke.

Then there are the latest whispers in D.C…

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is accelerating their timetable to have more stringent CBD regulations in place, now by the end of this year. So, who knows what this could mean for how cannabis-derived products are made, marketed, or sold?

And the series of closed-door Senate hearings to tackle the ongoing cannabis banking fiasco that’s forcing cannabis companies to hoard millions in cash. This political obstacle has been a nightmare for banks, too, with their hands tied, since cannabis is still banned at the federal level.

Bottom line is… no matter how you look at it — or what news outlet you follow, there seems to be something going on in the cannabis industry almost every day now.

If you’re anything like me, you want to know your money is protected and you’re not blindly walking into a bad investment.

So, to set the record straight I went to Adam to get his insider opinion and to really see if we should be worried.

And I was pleased to hear his assurances that this is all “normal” buzz.

Here’s A Snippet Of Our Conversation:

Adam: Every new industry has this “regulatory” period where the government has to catch up and put rules in place that didn’t exist before.

We saw the same thing with the flurry of internet regulations in the early 2000s, but internet stocks still went on to be major winners. These are all just natural growing pains.

It may seem like a lot to keep track of with the news cycle, but as with anything when you get in on the ground level, the industry will evolve. The key is to get in at the right time and now is it.

While with any investment there is some inherent risk, the cannabis industry is on pace to be one of the most lucrative opportunities we’ve had in decades. As more states legalize marijuana, the business and growth potential to be had for investors will be very hard to ignore.

Shannon: So, should we be waiting for the news to die down before investing? 

Adam: No, not at all. This is exactly why you don’t want to pick stocks based on the news cycle.

When you’re able to solely focus on the price action, you can quickly pinpoint big winners.

That’s why Cannabis Paydays is able to zero in on cannabis stocks with huge 1000%-plus profits no matter what’s happening in the news.

So, you heard it — straight from the cannabis guru himself…

Even with the growing pains of the cannabis industry, by leveraging the Cannabis Profit Code, you could have turned $1,000 investments in each play into $3.5 million.

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