What Is Green Zone Stocks All About?

By Adam O'Dell  |  November 6, 2019

I’m excited to share a new venture of mine.

It’s called Green Zone Stocks and it just launched!

In short, I’m pushing myself to deliver a greater number of actionable recommendations in a systematic way.

What Is Green Zone Stocks?

The first part of this new venture includes a traditional monthly newsletter.

I’ll be delivering this newsletter once a month, much like most traditional investment newsletters. But that’s about where the similarities between most newsletters and my newsletter end.

You see, I won’t be offering one new buy recommendation each month, nor will I be writing a traditional “stock story” about a particular company and its outlook.

Instead, I’ll be running what you can think of as a monthly rebalance and rotation model.

I’ve constructed a basket of 70 global ETFs. I’ll rank the basket of ETFs each and every month. And I’ll recommend holding long positions in the seven (7) top-ranked funds.

My first monthly issue of Green Zone Stocks hit subscribers’ inboxes on October 25. In that issue, I gave readers their first seven buy recommendations, in addition to a more-detailed introduction to my global rotation model.

Click here to gain access to that issue.

Going forward, I’ll be running my ranking system each month and will share the new batch of seven top-ranked funds. Some of them may be funds that were previously top-ranked, in which case we’ll already own them from our first month and we’ll have no actions to take on these except to continue holding them.

On the other hand, we’ll routinely have new additions to our monthly rotation portfolio, as well as positions that will roll out of our portfolio, when they no longer qualify as top-ranked.

Essentially, each month we’ll hold some positions, sell some positions and buy some positions.

My goal for this monthly-rotation newsletter is simple: stay positioned in top-ranked global ETFs and beat the market.

I’m really looking forward to sharing this model with folks. It’s classically systematic… all about momentum… and will give you access to the entire opportunity set of global assets.

But if you’re looking for even more action, consider this…

Cycle 9 Buy Signals Delivered Weekly

The algorithm that drives my Cycle 9 Alert service spits out more buy signals each week than I can recommend in an options trading service.

Last week, for example, it triggered 74 new buy signals.

And while there are valid reasons for being highly selective in that options-trading service, I’ve realized that sharing all of my algorithm’s new buy signals could be immensely valuable. So, that’s what I’m going to do!

Every Wednesday morning, subscribers to Green Zone Stocks will receive an email from me

Each of these weekly issues will include the list of stocks and ETFs that triggered a new Cycle 9 Alert buy signal during the prior week.

My algorithm runs once a day, after the close. So, each Wednesday-morning email will include the buy signals that were generated on the close of the previous Tuesday, Monday, Friday, Thursday, and Wednesday.

Top-Performing Stocks at Your Disposal

At first, the list will contain nothing more than the name and ticker symbol of the stock or ETF. (I may add more data as this service offering evolves.) And it’s up to you what you’d like to do with the list…

Scan it for your favorite stocks, for stocks you already own, or for stocks you’ve been considering buying.

Put them all on your brokerage platforms “watchlist” — or whatever system you have for keeping an eye on stocks on your radar.

Buy them all, if you’re so inclined.

Or just buy a few of the ones you like…

It’s totally up to you!

Now, as we get more into this new method of delivering all of my Cycle 9 Alert buy signals, I plan to write about various systematic ways you might consider using my weekly buy list. I’m also sure you’ll come up with some of your own ways — and I’ll encourage you to share your ideas and methods with me, so I can in turn share them with the group. (I’ll make sure to give you credit.)

I’ll also be keeping tabs on these buy signals over time and will share with you which ones are on the move and gaining momentum, and which ones I have my eye on, why… and so on.

The point is… I’m opening the vault doors and sharing with Green Zone Stocks subscribers all the buy signals my prized Cycle 9 algorithms generates!

My first weekly “hotlist” was sent to subscribers on October 30.

Click here to gain access to this week’s latest signals.

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