What the Hell Is Musk Doing?

By David Okenquist  |  September 10, 2018

Tesla CEO Elon Musk can’t get out of his own way.

He’s tanking his company’s stock with his increasingly erratic behavior.

It began when he blew off legitimate questions about meeting production goals on a recent investor conference call.

Then, early last month, Musk mused about taking his company private, boasting of having “funding secured.” It wasn’t. And so, it drew the attention of the SEC.

Then, late Thursday night, Musk appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience – a live-streamed podcast – where he drank whiskey and smoked marijuana.

Not a good look.

The market’s reaction to his podcast appearance was swift. Tesla lost nearly 10% on Friday morning.

Oh, and two executives just left the company, one of whom was the chief accounting officer. He didn’t even last a month!

So, I called Rodney Johnson, who’s been writing about Tesla and Musk for years, to talk about the company’s ongoing issues and where it – and its founder – is headed. And the impact this will have on investors.

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