Why You Should Become a Seven-Figure Trader

By Adam O'Dell  |  December 5, 2018

I respect your time. I really do.

Trust me, there’s nothing more insulting to me than when someone wastes my time. (And I think you’ll agree with me on that…)

As someone who believes in the Golden Rule I’d never do that to you.

Let me cut to the chase…

I need about three hours of your time.

I’ve developed a series of seven training modules of video content total roughly three hours. And you can start, pause, and stop them whenever you’d like.

They cover everything I’ve ever learned about the markets… and what it takes to be a successful investor.

And I mean everything.

It took me more than 25,000 hours to acquire this knowledge, I estimate.

More than double the 10,000 hours Malcolm Gladwell says is required to become a world-class expert in a field.

It also took me months to organize the content for these modules. And several days to record the videos.

All so YOU can “download” my brain… in only about three hours of your time.

As I said, I truly do respect your time.

3 Reasons That 3 Hours is Worth It…

But why should you care, right?

I’ll give you three reasons…

Reason No.1: You are the captain of your financial future.

If you think Wall Street will be around to save you in your golden years, you’re sadly mistaken, my friend.

Though I suspect you already know this.

I figure if you’re reading The Rich Investor… you’re probably a cut above the rest.

And I bet you’re the type of person who takes charge of things and accepts ownership for your results.

No one can play the role of “Captain of Financial Freedom” better than you can.

And I’ve found that accepting this truth is the first step toward tremendous and lasting success.

Thousands of folks have already made this commitment to themselves, judging by the number of sign-ups to my Secrets of a Seven-Figure Trader program.

And I’m confident that YOU can be next… as long as you’re willing to take the bull by the horns.

Reason No.2: Buy-and-hold is dead!

My mom and dad were lucky.

They began investing in 1982 – just as one of the greatest bull markets in history was getting underway.

For them, buy-and-hold worked just fine for nearly two decades.

You, my friend, are not so lucky.

I wasn’t either… I began investing in 2000.

And now that stock valuations are pretty lofty, returns from buy-and-hold are expected to be 2% max for the next 10 years.

But that doesn’t mean we’re destined for the soup line.

It just means that passive investing won’t get us to our goals.

We have to take a more active approach to milking money from the markets.

And by active, I mean a “take-charge” approach.

My Secrets of a Seven-Figure Trader program has nothing to do with day-trading.

Most of my current readers work a 9-to-5 and do just fine following my investment recommendations.

Reason No.3: I’ll show you how to “stand on the shoulders of giants.”

At this point, I must confess…

I didn’t invent, per se, the strategies I teach in my Secrets of a Seven-Figure Trader program.

Yes, I wrote the algorithms myself. It’s all proprietary.

But I did borrow heavily from investment strategies that have already worked for many, many years…

One peer-reviewed journal recently published a paper showing two centuries of evidence in support of my favorite investment strategy… the same one I teach in my course.

Why do I think it’s best to teach you strategies that have worked for hundreds of years, even though I didn’t originally devise them?

Because they work!

You see, only fools and egomaniacs try to reinvent the wheel.

In fact, I know a lot of really smart people who aren’t very successful at investing. Most of them fail because they think they can invent something new… something no one else has ever thought of.

In contrast, wise folks simply use the wheel.

Truly, there’s no shame at all in “standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Building on the discoveries of those before you is probably the smartest thing you can do as an “Average Joe” investor.

Wall Street has you outgunned. So, you might as well take a page from their playbook, right?

That’s what my Secrets of a Seven-Figure Trader program is all about… putting the investment world’s best strategies in your hands.

They’re all easier to follow than you’d expect. And I walk you through each one in the seven video modules I’ve recorded.

Seriously, just 3 hours of your life could change everything for you!

Just 3 hours and an open mind… that’s all it takes to get started.

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